Professional, Personal Care Focused On You

"Less is more" is hardly the typical way to describe a thriving organization in the American health care industry.  Comprehensive Home Care is designed around your needs and wants.  We are motivated by your situation and are passionate about your well being.  Since you are paying us, we feel that is simply the right way to conduct and manage our service.  This simple focus  - you - creates an organization that is simple, responsive and personal.

Since 1990, Comprehensive has been serving Franklin and Hampshire counties with private duty home care specifically focused on the elderly.  The Hudson family of Conway has owned the business since 2001 and has seen it more than double in size.  While the company has grown, it has evolved into a respected member of the communities it serves and an employer of choice among people seeking to serve the elderly.  By keeping you at the center of everything we do, we are able to keep our efforts simple, focused and effective.

All this means is that when you call us you are treated to the voice of a real person and when you talk to us we listen and respond in a timely manner.  When we meet you in your home, we are respectful, dependable and informed.  When we interact with those serving you, we are timely, accurate and sensitive to your needs and privacy.  In short, we do our best to be decent neighbors and a decent employer.  As you review the pages that follow, please don't hesitate to call us with questions.  We'd love to talk to you and assist in making the best choices for you.